Hi! I’m Chad, and I draw stories.

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Work Samples

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School Assembly


A shy gamer’s most prized possession becomes a sullied casualty after he is targeted by the school bully, but he soon proves that he reads more than maps and monster manuals on his magical quest for vengeance.



While on an epic quest for friendship, young science student Leroy Lincoln accidentally unleashes a giant monster on his school and must take superheroic action to clean up his mess.

Memory Man


When a rogue asteroid threatens mass extinction, a pessimistic neurologist is tapped by the government to treat the world’s last hope: an ancient, immortal superhero long lost to dementia; but when her highly advanced treatments yield no results, she must search for answers in the archived relics of his archenemy for a glimmer of hope to stop the imminent destruction of her world.



A man drowning his depression at the bottom of a bottle discovers that more than just hearts will break naturally.

About Chad

Chad Welson, STORYMAN

Raised on a steady diet of Saturday Morning Cartoons and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I was a precocious child with an overactive imagination, routinely occupying my time by trying to acquire superpowers or provoking one of the local werewolves into biting me (quickly failing at one and deeply regretting the other).

Now, as an adult with an overactive imagination, I have garnered an eclectic selection of narrative expertise crafting everything from interactive ice sculpture exhibits based on Frosty the Snowman to virtual reality experiences for Microsoft on the floor of the Game Developers Conference. After all of those amazing adventures, I returned to my first love of animation and now hang my cape at Dreamworks Animation Television as the Summer TV Story Trainee on a new, unannounced production!

I have had the privilege to make a living telling stories in challenging and unique mediums by pairing a discipline of life-long learning with my inherent, endless curiosity, and I would cherish the opportunity to bring my unique experiences to your production next.

Fair warning: Full Moons are still a problem.